East meets West

Like everything we do, our international strategy is rooted in giving you the best advice. Our Pathfinders and researchers on the ground give you the intelligence and analysis you need and together with our trusted best-friend partners we have an incredible resource pool available to you.

Ultimately, it's all about what works best for you. Whether you're in China or the UK and whatever you want to achieve, we manage projects, campaigns, events and promotions using the best people for the job. We're not precious either. If you have other, established firms and agencies that they like working with, we're happy to advise and/or work alongside them.

With one foot in Beijing and the other in London we have a stronger profile in the market than many of our ‘competitors’. As well as important access to clients, markets and opportunities, we have the depth of thought that gives us a real advantage in providing cost-effective solutions for you.

This is part of our local, cultural, linguistic and commercial experience. All placed at your fingertips.