Creative understanding

Clients both in the UK and China are facing increased pressures of competition, trying to navigate cultural differences, ways of doing business and the challenges of the market generally. There’s a lot of fog blown up about China, which makes companies hesitate before doing business there. Or they just simply get it wrong by using an inappropriate approach.

We know you want ideas and solutions from a team with a deep understanding of the entire landscape. You want a team that can look over the horizon - in both directions - and then help you to broaden yours. A team that can help you to make things happen.

We don't do bog-standard and we don’t share our office space with pigeons (get it?). All our solutions are specifically designed to make your business soar.

We're lucky. We have some of the best brains in the business and they're continually coming up with new and innovative marketing and communications solutions.

That's why we're the trusted advisor for some of China's largest corporates, Government departments, financial institutions and key opinion leaders. We're also pretty well connected here in the UK with some serious big-hitters on our client list!