Public relations

Public relations

Public Relations – what does it mean for you? At OKHIWI Media, it’s all about conversations. Conversations that come from a deep understanding of the entire landscape and using that knowledge to create different solutions that engage stakeholders in relevant and efficient ways.

Cross-cultural conversations

Do you recognise the subtleties of Chinese/British business cultures?

Do you really understand your Chinese/British audiences?

Some people call them cultural differences.

Others call them cultural barriers.

We call them opportunities!

Successful organisations rely on the relationships they build. In a global economy, understanding the values and traditions of different cultures is the key to building and sustaining these relationships. That way you grow your business. However, communicating across cultures isn’t always as simple as you think it is, or as it could be.

At our heart is a complete understanding of the UK and Chinese marketplaces. We paraphrase what you do and what you say in a culturally sensitive way. We make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

Your business benefits from what others say about you and we can help you build your brand reputation by bringing you a greater awareness of cultural differences. That way you engage with your target audiences more quickly and efficiently than your competitors and your reputation benefits too.

Bespoke PR Strategy

Are you confident that you can use the same PR strategy in the Chinese market that you use in the UK? Do you really need 360º PR campaigns all the time? Everything for everyone? Apart from being extremely expensive, both in resource terms and also financially, this broad brush approach ignores the cultural signposts that you really can’t afford to ignore.

OKHIWI Group’s team of specialists offer a broad range of public relations services; we develop bespoke PR campaigns that engage your target groups and deliver on your promotional goals.

Whether it’s media relations, event management, digital PR and online visibility or crisis planning and management, we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.