News, documentary and advertising

OKHIWI Media provides exclusive video news and features for our strategic partners at BBC UK China and the London bureau of the Xinhua News Agency. We also work closely with international media platforms and outlets creating bespoke news and feature productions, facilitating international material exchanges as well as providing expert editorial services. Our in-house production facilities include the latest in HD cameras and editing suite.

Our perspective is deep and wide; from politics and education to entertainment and culture. Our approach is to provide independent coverage alongside a unique perspective for all our news coverage. Accuracy is what we live by and we ensure that all our news reports are up to date and balanced. Working extensively in the UK and China, we gather the latest news and features from the most reliable sources. This means that Chinese nationals get the most realistic and in-depth view of life and events in the UK. In the last 12 months we’ve produced over 300 news items, features and special coverage reports. These have ranged from international events, including the G20 Summit, the University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary, London Fashion Week (and Weekend), the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Fringe Festival.

Documentary production

OKHIWI enjoys close working relationships with high-profile Chinese and British film producers. Combined with our in-house production team, this means that we are an integral part of an elite group of documentary producers.

Our expertise isn’t limited to any one genre. Having worked on documentaries, films and entertainment variety shows, each of these productions has enhanced our network of industry contacts, which includes Hollywood playwrights, BBC directors and producers and independent writers.

We work with widely different audiences both in the UK and China and everything we do is in direct response to our clients brief, their brand, style and cultural preferences. Our documentary productions help gain an insight into current social issues in the UK and China and, while at the same time bridging the cultural divide.

We collaborate with many film and TV producers in the UK, Europe, the US and mainland China. Through our well-established international distribution channels we provide a full spectrum of services to producers, content providers and creative talent.