Copywriting and translation


It's not what you say, it's how you say it. Gobbledegook, babble, mumbo-jumbo, double Dutch. Say what you like. No one's listening. The Plain English Campaign doesn’t exist for nothing (forgive the double-negative).

When doing business across borders, there's an added complication - language. You'd be surprised how your message can be completely misunderstood when it's just a bog-standard translation.

It's not just about regional accents either. We all have those. It more deep-seated than that. You really can’t afford to alienate your audience simply because you got your translations done by the wrong person. Not everyone speaks RP (Received Pronunciation) English. The folks in Catalonia would have something to say about being told they speak typical Spanish and people in mainland China can spot a Hong Kong translation from space!

Missing the cultural and language subtleties of an entire region or country can blow your carefully crafted communications strategy right out of the water.

'Know your audience' takes on a completely new meaning here and this is something we specialise in - knowing your audience (and ours) and being able to speak with them in a way that they will engage in and respond to.