8 (Chinese lucky number) tips for working with Chinese people

8 (Chinese lucky number) tips for working with Chinese people

  • Get up high and look over the horizon. Don’t listen to, or believe everything you hear about the Chinese and Chinese tourists. Most of it is nonsense. You’ll find that the Chinese are a lot more sophisticated than you’ve been led to believe. Look at 6000 years of history and no, they don’t only eat Chinese food!
  • Make friends. The Chinese feel more relaxed doing business with friends and making long-term relationships. A Chinese friend is a friend for life! Build trust and relationships and your path will be a lot smoother
  • China isn’t a single entity. It’s a complex demographic of regions and provinces. What works in Eastern China won’t necessarily work in Western China; or Shanghai or Hong Kong for that matter
  • Online is where it all happens. OK, so the British invented the World Wide Web, but as with most things that we give to the world, someone else makes it a success and the Chinese are no exception. They expect everything to be online and if it isn’t, you might as well pack up and go home. And online doesn’t mean websites. How 2000 is that? No, we mean mobile. Mobile, mobile, mobile and no, not just Facebook and Twitter. In fact, not Facebook and Twitter. Try WeChat and Weibo for a start
  • Get the language right. You know how you hate it when people DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH! Well, the Chinese are no different. Only it’s a bit more complicated. Mainland Chinese speak Mandarin – and variations of. Hong Kongese speak Cantonese, as they do in Guangdong too. Don’t get your translations done by the wrong people
  • The Chinese love heritage and history. Their own and especially other countries. An important part of your marketing strategy is going to be your brand heritage. Get it sorted out. Tell a story that’s easy to engage with
  • We should all respect each other, so from the people that brought us paper, printing, fireworks, china (of course), the compass (yes, really) and the seismograph (check online if you don’t believe us)
  • Keep your eye on China. It changes everyday

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