Fresh Thinking aims to start conversations about issues facing China/UK business, especially in the digital media arena. The style can sometimes be provocative or controversial but it aims to get people thinking out-of-the-box and dispel misconceptions.

Much of what's said about digital media, marketing and communications is so much... hot air. Sticking to the 'tried and tested' ways of doing things might be safe, but it certainly won’t get results. When so much is new and so little known about China and the Chinese, a fresh approach might just be what business needs to get a foothold in this highly challenging market.

Whether targeting businesses in mainland China or Chinese people visiting the UK, you really do need to think about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and what you expect to gain.

At OKHIWI Media, we love to challenge – ourselves and our clients! That's why our Fresh Thinking section will continually try to throw a spanner in the works and get a conversation going. We want to get you to look again at your approach; to make sure it's the right one, but if it's not, to change it so that your strategy actually does what you want it to.

We're so not about tick-boxes... and neither should you be.

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